I have many times presented the argument that for forty years politicians’ promises in excess of what they could take in tax were paid for by debasing the currency to avoid an explosion of debt. Here’s a typical PDF generated from Keynote, Apple’s (superior) competitor to PowerPoint.

Then I was introduced to Prezi. Instead of a series of animated slides, Prezi uses a zooming user interface over a canvas. Here’s my first attempt to convey the big economic story of the past century:

I recommend exploring. It’s a brilliant tool and it’s free.

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  1. Edward Henning

    It seems impossible to win the argument in a conventional manner to prevent governments either debasing the currency through QE or spending more than it brings in. Our economic health would be much greater if this could be done. Has anybody every raised the possibility of a written constitution embodying these principles, backed up by a constitutional court with real teeth? If all parties were bound by such a constitution, politics could become mosre honest, not making promises that cannot be afforded, but discussing where best to spend limited resources.