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Wycombe MP Steve Baker: burka ban ‘just absurd’ (From Bucks Free Press)

At the end of an interview at a community event at Sir William Ramsay School, I was asked to comment on recent discussions regarding banning the burka (we might more accurately have discussed the niqab): CREATING a law to ban the burka would be “just absurd”, Wycombe MP Steve Baker says. The wearing of the Islamic face veil has been the subject of a heated debate this week. It follows Tory MP Philip Hollobone’s comments that he would not meet […]

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The State Opening of Parliament

Today, I found myself standing by the exit into the aye lobby for the state opening of Parliament. The text of the Queen’s Speech, for which I was lucky to be able to enter the House of Lords, may be found here: The Queen, seated on the Throne and attended by Her Officers of State, commanded that the Yeoman Usher should let the Commons know that it was Her Majesty’s pleasure that they attend Her immediately in this House. When […]

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Bastiat – The State

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This post originally appeared at The Cobden Centre. In the course of things, I had cause to quote Bastiat, a French classical liberal theorist, political economist, and member of the French assembly: “The state is the great fiction by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else.” This prompted me to dig out the original essay. As the UK’s national debt doubles and after a period within which QE was used, creating space in the market for […]

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“We are a whole generation clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, direly dependent on the State”

NB: The author is Tim Hewish, who I am glad to welcome as a local contributor. — Steve One of my local Wycombe friends asked me: Why, as a young person, should I vote Conservative? I initially came out with the usual blurb about the positives of Conservatism, but she stopped me mid-way and she repeated ‘no, as a young person’. This made me think about the question further and I was fortunate enough to find two articles that stated […]

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We will end the Culture of Worklessness

David Cameron has pinned down a major source of Britain’s plight – worklessness. Building on his vision of Britain looking towards creating a Big Society, not running into the arms of the State, he sets out a bold plan of action. It will be a culture that is based on responsibility to one another, not simply rights. He said: The old way of big government has failed. It’s time to tackle welfare dependency a new way – the Big Society way…This […]

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Visiting McDonalds, High Wycombe

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I am grateful to Cliff Webb, the franchisee of McDonalds, High Wycombe, for a visit yesterday. Cliff employs over 200 people. It seems to me that McDonalds comes in for some unfair criticism. The franchise succeeds because it provides food that people want at the right price and level of service. Those who don’t like the firm and its food don’t have to eat there. Notwithstanding Super Size Me, it’s common sense that one cannot live by McDonalds alone. I […]

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The view from Wycombe: Big Brother or the Big Society? – Big Brother Watch

Via The view from Wycombe: Big Brother or the Big Society? – Big Brother Watch, I respond to the recent Guerilla stickering in the town: In the last few days, we have had a round of guerrilla stickering in Wycombe. There was the sticker of the week. Then there was talk of prosecution at the Bucks Free Press. Finally, the sticker returned. Now, it is a good photograph. As a totem for the surveillance society, it is superb. Perhaps some even […]

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How do we win back our freedom? – Telegraph

the insidious accretion of power to a benign and democratic state, through the use of the legislative process to restrict what we do and shape who we are, is more destructive in the long run because it creates a society of pliant individuals who look for someone else to help them out. Personal responsibility is destroyed and gives way to a notion that the state or one of its many agencies will provide everything. We become dependent upon others rather […]

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Drowning in an ocean of debt

NB: The author is Tim Hewish, who I am glad to welcome as a contributor. — Steve We are drowning in an ocean of debt. The video above may be an American example, but it serves us well when highlighting the dire straits the British economy is in under this Labour Government. Government isn’t any different from the average person – in that it shouldn’t act in a fiscally irresponsible manner. If you or I were to go into debt, […]

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Blair commits a revolt against reason

So here I am,  back online in our new High Wycombe home, just in time for this revolt against reason: Following the ‘climategate scandal’, Mr Blair said the science may not be “as certain as its proponents allege”. But he said the world should act as a precaution against floods, droughts and mass extinction caused by climate change, in fact it would be “grossly irresponsible” not to. If I understand Blair correctly, he is following up his recent assertion of […]

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