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Motorcycle Industry Association publish Policy Framework

As I blogged recently, I was glad to host the Associate Parliamentary Motorcycle Group reception in Parliament on 7th March. At this event The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) previewed their Policy Framework for Motorcycling. With this publication, they again point out how important the industry is, and can continue to be, to the British economy. It is a £7.2billion industry, employing 62,000 people in over 6,000 businesses and it includes the largest solely UK-owned automotive manufacturer: Triumph Motorcycles. The CEO of […]

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Pro-bike, anti-EU. What’s not to like?

Via Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking: There’s a raft of issues emanating from Europe that will have a profound effect on riders and the motorcycle industry generally and we must stand up. Some of them are driven by the EU Commission, like the new Type Approval and Market Surveillance Regulation that will see the introduction of compulsory ABS, the sealing of powertrains from airbox to the diameter and aspect ratio of the rear tyre, restrictions on the aftermarket industry, possible […]

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The riots in England

Over the past few days, many constituents have written to me expressing anger and dismay about the riots, policing and justice. I share this anger and dismay.  As I said in my article on Wednesday, we must establish that the state’s duty is to protect the law-abiding and their property first and foremost and that the police do not require the consent of rioters before acting with reasonable force. The Prime Minister has said that we will do whatever it takes […]

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Public life – how low can we go?

I came into politics out of fury with a political elite which was positively trampling the principles of democracy and an open society. By 2007, what Labour were doing to our country was awful enough, but then the handling of the Lisbon Treaty was the final straw: what a witches’ brew of deceit, sophisty and betrayal surrounded that unacceptable affront to government with the consent of the governed. I thought we could go no lower. And then came the expenses […]

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A Bill to expose banks’ false profits, overstated capital and hidden losses

My Financial Services (Regulation of Derivatives) Bill has now been printed, ready for second reading on 10 June. You can obtain the PDF here and track the Bill’s progress here. The press release, including links to background evidence and press coverage, is here. When I introduced my Bill on 15 March, I explained how the accounting rules for banks incentivize trading in derivatives by enabling unrealized profits to be booked up-front, leading to large but unjustified bonuses and dividends. On 30th March, […]

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Thatcher: This is what we believe.

This week, I was glad to hear David Cameron say “I’d rather be a child of Thatcher than a son of Brown” but what does that mean for policy and society? Famously, Lady Thatcher settled a discussion by taking a book from her handbag and banging it on the table, declaring, “This is what we believe.” Read the rest of my article at ConservativeHome’s Platform.

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The Great Deception

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This post from 5 April 2009 seems appropriate to bring forward, following yesterday’s motion on EU economic governance. Today, I shall be remembering those who have fought and died for our freedom over the years. A good time to complete Booker and North’s extensive history of the European Union — “The Great Deception – Can the European Union survive?” — seemed to be these last few weeks, as I visited Portugal, France, Germany and Austria. It was an enlightening read. […]

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The hopeful path between denial and despair is the reinvention of Britain

Via BT ruling could open pension claim floodgates – Telegraph: Taxpayers could be on the hook for tens of billions of pounds to cover a string of privatised companies’ pension schemes after the precedent set by BT’s landmark “crown guarantee” victory. What next, I wonder? Between the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Adam Smith Institute, The TaxPayers’ Alliance and The Cobden Centre, it is pretty clear that the British State owes trillions of pounds. Yes, trillions of pounds. Somewhere between £4,800,000,000,000 […]

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The altruistic individual in society

In preparation for an article to be published in the Autumn, I just reread The Open Society and Its Enemies – Volume 1: The Spell of Plato. The book traces mankind’s opposition to change and the consequent rise of the myth of destiny, technically, historicism: the belief that history unfolds according to laws which can be discovered. Popper argues that the strain of civilisation causes us to seek to return to a supposed harmonious state of nature, a heroic age […]

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From the BFP – Tory: Coalition partners Lib Dems could ‘disappear’

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Via Tory: Coalition partners Lib Dems could ‘disappear’ (From Bucks Free Press): SUGGESTIONS the Lib Dems could ‘disappear’ because of the ‘shift in politics’ have been dismissed by the party’s Wycombe leader – following a neighbouring councillor’s defection. There is an excellent explanation of the structure of political ideas in the author’s preface to Living with Leviathan (David B Smith, IEA, 2006). Smith posits as a replacement for the conventional and flawed left/right spectrum what he calls Hayek’s Triangle: On this scheme: The […]

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