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Coping with heavy snow (or why I am a winter tyre bore)

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The Royal Air Force used to send me to Bardufoss in Arctic Norway, in winter. I learned there that, if you want to drive on snow, use winter tyres and, if you want to drive on ice, have studs in them. The point was hammered home when we went to Ørland near Trondheim, south of the Arctic Circle, for a month from mid-September. We drove there in British cars, using the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen, and of course they were […]

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Recommended: Pitstop-Racing

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Today, I discovered and I am delighted to recommend Pitstop-Racing of Brize Norton. This is a proper workshop, where you can not only get your suspension set expertly for your own style, you can meet the mechanic and have a conversation about camber, toe-in and understeer. This may not matter to you, but if you are a driver, it will. The inside shoulders of my winter tyres were chamfered when they came off, suggesting too much toe-out or camber. It’s […]

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Saab in Austrian Alps

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Saab in Austrian Alps 3, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Despite recent heavy snow, roads were clear at all altitudes. Click on the photo for more shots from today.

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A free 20% improvement in fuel economy

I am pleased to report a sustained 20% improvement in average fuel economy for my Saab through the simple expedient of returning to driving for economy at the expense of lively throttle response. The speed limits are still reached briskly enough and of course, they are limits: my journey times have become no longer. Subject to safety, try to drive using no more than half throttle and the next gear up (once you have pulled away in first as usual). […]

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The Stelvio Pass

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Drove this in Summer 2006: a truly great experience.

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