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Recommended: Pitstop-Racing

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Today, I discovered and I am delighted to recommend Pitstop-Racing of Brize Norton. This is a proper workshop, where you can not only get your suspension set expertly for your own style, you can meet the mechanic and have a conversation about camber, toe-in and understeer. This may not matter to you, but if you are a driver, it will. The inside shoulders of my winter tyres were chamfered when they came off, suggesting too much toe-out or camber. It’s […]

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Blast from the past: R-plate Honda CBR600F

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With my KTM 950 Supermoto in for a service, the fine gentlemen at Premier Bikes have loaned me this black Honda CBR600F. Loan Honda CBR600F, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Eleven years ago, this was the middleweight sports bike to have. With 44,000 miles on it, this one is a good demonstration of Honda’s quality. The engine sounds superb and it runs with a purring smoothness I had forgotten since swapping to a large V-twin. The head bearing could be replaced, […]

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KTM set to sport

Suspension on the 950 Supermoto now set to recommended sport settings all round. Feels about 10kg lighter and rides much harder. Wonder how long this will last… A week since I drafted this and I’m still happy with it 🙂

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Saab 9-5 Aero vs track

The Hirsch suspension was well worthwhile, but I won’t bother with the engine upgrade: the car can’t put down the power it has now. It’s fine on the road of course, but powering out of bends on the limit with ESP off, you simply spin the power away. Track driving with ESP on is pointless. Eventually, I gave in. If you’re going to uselessly spin power away, you may as well make a show of it. Just a little too […]

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Hirsch sports suspension

On Friday, the Saab was treated to Hirsch sports suspension: stiffer springs and matching dampers all round, lowering the car 10mm. A great decision. The ride remains comfortable but the car has taken on a whole new taughtness. After 2 years, my 9-5 Aero feels new again and for much less than a new one. This should keep me going while I prosecute my campaign to acquire an RS4 next year. A track day at Bedford Autodrome should reveal whether […]

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