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The CPS demonstrates smaller government is better for society

Via the CPS, a report and video, explaining that small (though not that small) government is better for society: Tim Knox, Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, commented: This paper shows that smaller government results in higher growth – making a mockery of the current austerity vs. growth division. This should give our politicians confidence to pursue a smaller state to achieve long-term, lasting prosperity. There is extensive evidence both in this report and from the 2020 Tax Commission, […]

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Via LearnLiberty.org: Liberty and Community

Via LearnLiberty.org, another superb video, this time on liberty and community, which reinforces Mises’ argument that “Society is cooperation; it is community in action”:

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LearnLiberty.org – Learn about the ideas of a free society

Via LearnLiberty.org, a great project from the Institute for Humane Studies, Dr Nigel Ashford explains classical liberalism, the doctrine of freedom: The ten principles from the video are: Liberty as the primary political value Individualism Skepticism about power Rule of Law Civil Society Spontaneous Order Free Markets Toleration Peace Limited Government Dr Ashford’s short book Principles for a Free Society is highly recommended too.

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How to Advance Liberty – Leonard Read – Mises Daily

From a transcript of a lecture given in 1965 by the founder of the Foundation for Economic Education: How to Advance Liberty – Leonard Read . There would be no need to work for liberty were liberties not being lost. Most Americans are unaware of a decline in individual liberty, and the reason is obvious: the decline rarely takes the form of sudden personal deprivations but, instead, takes the form of unnoticed erosion, and thus we come, as do the Russians, […]

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