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Speech on the “Green Investment Bank”

A speech in committee on the so-called Green Investment Bank, which appears to have had a greater impact than I had forseen: 4.45 pm Steve Baker (Wycombe) (Con): I fear that we are, once again, gathered together to make our constituents poorer and to promote special-interest rent seeking. I am […]

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EU fund of the day – Comenius

The first in a series illustrating how the EU spends your money in its own interests. Today, The Comenius Programme: Comenius: Europe in the classroom The Comenius Programme focuses on all levels of school education, from pre-school and primary to secondary schools. It is relevant for everyone involved in school […]

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Quangos: the more we pay, the less we get – Telegraph

An understandable wave of shock ran through Britain last week when our new Government revealed the explosion in recent years of the pay given to our top public officials, 170 of whom now allegedly earn more than the Prime Minister. But the other side to this grotesque inflation in salaries […]

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You’ve been Fleeced!

Via the Taxpayers’ Alliance: On Monday, Matthew Elliott and David Craig released their new book Fleeced! How we’ve been betrayed by the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers… and how much they’ve cost us, published by Constable. Fleeced! is the very first book to analyse the financial, fiscal and political crisis resulting from a […]

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Recommended reading: “Freedom for Public Services”

The latest publication from the Centre for Policy Studies arrived today: “Freedom for Public Services” by William Mason and Jonathan McMahon. Better services at lower cost, and more fulfilling jobs for public servants, are quite possible. As ever, this CPS report is intelligent, brief, clear and insightful. The sheer scale […]

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Mandelson’s return is unlikely to be popular. DEFRA becomes MAFF again with a new energy and climate change department. Caroline Flint moves to Europe Minister. Tony McNulty will face off Boris, but why is there a London Minister at all? If in doubt, reorganise? William Hague’s reaction is here. read […]

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Poverty: how well is DWP helping people?

Poverty in Britain remains horrifying. For example, about 7% of households cannot afford a single hobby or leisure activity and a quarter cannot manage to save £10 a month for rainy days or retirement. Bleak. But the DWP plans to spend just over £130 billion in 2008. Surely some mistake, […]

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