Via HMT – Spending Challenge, an attempt to “crowd source” government spending:

The Spending Challenge is your chance to help shape the way government works. We need to reduce the deficit by cutting public spending in a way that is fair and responsible – and you can help.

It could be something small that is quick and easy to put into action, or a more radical change to where and how government works.  Either way, please be as specific as you can.

If you see ideas here already that you like the look of, then rate them and get them moved up the list. And if there’s more you’d like to say, then talk to others in the comments section.

A team has been put together right at the heart of government and their job is to make sure that your ideas and comments are taken seriously – and that the best ideas are taken forward as part of the Spending Review.

The Spending Review will set out four year spending plans for all government departments, as well as considering other areas of spending including welfare. The conclusions of the Spending Review will be published on 20 October 2010.

At a glance, there are some great ideas – scrapping HS2 and not wasting money at the end of the financial year, for example – and some awful or ridiculous ones.

You can play your part, for better or worse, here.

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  1. Have you read any John Seddon? Billions to be saved