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Revealed: why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s gold at a knock-down price – Telegraph Blogs

Faced with the prospect of a global collapse in the banking system, the Chancellor took the decision to bail out the banks by dumping Britain’s gold, forcing the price down and allowing the banks to buy back gold at a profit, thus meeting their borrowing obligations. via Revealed: why Gordon Brown sold Britain’s gold at a knock-down price – Telegraph Blogs. My review of Gold Wars is here. I would not be at all surprised if the thrust of the […]

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Gordon Kerr predicts the failure of the Greek bailout

My Cobden Centre and Cobden Partners colleague Gordon Kerr appeared this morning on Bloomberg to explain why the Greek bailout will fail: As I have said in debate, in the context of using the IMF to facilitate bailouts: …If this is not the time of all times to question the fundamental basis of our financial system, I do not know when we ever shall. … To conclude, we are in danger of simply kicking a can down the road and, […]

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The Tory Diary: Now it’s Osborne’s turn to say “no” to Europe

George Osborne yesterday told Eurozone leaders that Britain would not contribute to a special bailout facility that they are establishing at the IMF, specifically to bolster the single currency. The Eurozone nations had been hoping to build a €200bn warchest but Britain’s refusal to participate means it has fallen well short. via Now it’s Osborne’s turn to say “no” to Europe The Tory Diary. My recent IMF speech is here.

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Another £10bn to the IMF?

Yesterday, a statutory instrument committee was asked to decide to agree another £10bn for the IMF. With others, I crashed the committee and spoke. You can find the debate here. In addition to rejecting bailouts, I attacked the IMF before questioning our fundamental monetary arrangements. Here’s the section on the IMF (I insert a minor correction I have requested from Hansard): [T]he IMF was created as part of the Bretton Woods system of currencies. We tend to talk as though […]

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The greatest gift to the Greeks might be to let them go it alone – Telegraph

There comes a moment in any decent tragedy when the penny finally drops. The light breaks. The protagonist suddenly realises what a chump he has been – that he has somehow managed accidentally to marry his mother and kill his father – and that all his assumptions about his life are upside down. And the really awful thing about the tragedy now playing on the streets of Athens is that we haven’t even reached that bit yet. Read more via […]

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