An erstwhile and would be commenter complained that he could not comment. This was due to a configuration issue which I have now changed.

Previously, commenters had to be registered and logged in to comment. I had so many spam registrations — getting on for a thousand — that I deleted all subscribers and prevented registration. Apologies to those whose old comments have disappeared: please blame the spammers.

Given that people would like to comment, I have relaxed the requirement to name and email plus moderation for anyone’s first comment. I do not feel under any obligation to host abusive comments, so disagree by all means, but please use moderate language and please have the courage to use your own name. I may delete comments which are intemperate or anonymous.

To my surprise, a few people seem to think MPs should be available 24×7 online to the whole world. Much as I would like to engage in wide-ranging debate on all channels, there simply is not time.

My constituents come first and they are most welcome to contact me through any of the mechanisms listed on my contact page.


  1. Thanks for clarifying this Steve – and despite what you may think I don’t expect MPs to be on call 24 hours a day – it’s just really positive when they do respond to comments on blogs – as you have done in the past with mine.

    I think it’s very fair that you prioritise constituents by the way.

    I will doubtless disagree with you in future, and my comments may at times verge on the intemperate – but will never be abusive.

    I’m sorry that my professional position necessitates that I comment and blog anonymously – it’s not ideal – but I’m a real person, and the email address is ultimately traceable to the real me, and my real IP address.

    Many thanks for your prompt action. Not sure I’ll have as much success steering you away from the Austrian School – Enjoy !

    PS – Congratulations on your election by the way – I think it’s the first comment I’ve left since then.

  2. I’ve posted a link to this page on my blog here , and posted my thanks for your actions there too. I get literally thousands of spam comments by the way – hugely outnumbering the genuine ones – imagine you do too.