Today, the Transport Committee learned that:

  • We are stuck with the ridiculous Galileo project.
  • If we don’t like aspects of the ‘Eurovignette’ in due course, we are stuck with it.
  • The Government accepts the principle of central planning and wealth redistribution combined with attempts at market liberalisation, despite the failure of the ‘First Rail Package’ to create a ‘Common European Rail Area’.
  • Potentially, the High Speed Rail network will be pan-European.

And so on. Do check the transcript in due course. At least I got a laugh when I said, “It appears that, in EU transport policy, resistance is futile.”

The Minister did not agree that EU transport policy is an expensive way of manufacturing white elephants.


  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. HS1 cost the country £7bn to build – but was sold for for a poultry £2.3bn. Once again the UK tax payer looses out.

    HS2 is projected to cost the country £34bn. How much more after inflation and slippage creeps in? What will that white elephant sell for – another loss for sure!

    The UK would do well to upgrade and invest in the current rail network BEFORE throwing good money after bad! WE aleady have enough rail lines and track between London and Birmingham and beyond – we just need to use the existing lines more smartly and efficiently.

    Stop building on the land – they are not making it anymore! The UK doormat should read “Bog off HS2. We have no more room on our little island for a 80 lane runway of a train track”.