I confess: I went skydiving last weekend

Here’s the proof (I’m second from bottom):

In the last year, I had only jumped 10 times: politics had simply consumed all my time. Eventually, I decided I had to keep on living, so I put in a short weekend’s jumping.

The country’s problems are huge. They were before I was an MP and they will be afterwards. In the meantime, now and then, I am going to keep making time to live.

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  1. Chris Neal says:

    Photographic evidence that that the All Party Parliamentary Group for Clean Air are resolutely checking air quality in the skies above Europe.

  2. Mike Allsopp says:

    Oooh, I can see me there!

    Always good to see our representatives getting out and about to keep in touch with the general populous.

  3. Jules Bergel says:

    Well I never thought I’d see myself on a political blog

    Until next time 🙂