Here’s the proof (I’m second from bottom):

In the last year, I had only jumped 10 times: politics had simply consumed all my time. Eventually, I decided I had to keep on living, so I put in a short weekend’s jumping.

The country’s problems are huge. They were before I was an MP and they will be afterwards. In the meantime, now and then, I am going to keep making time to live.


  1. Photographic evidence that that the All Party Parliamentary Group for Clean Air are resolutely checking air quality in the skies above Europe.

  2. Mike Allsopp

    Oooh, I can see me there!

    Always good to see our representatives getting out and about to keep in touch with the general populous.

  3. Jules Bergel

    Well I never thought I’d see myself on a political blog

    Until next time 🙂