Some months ago, I agreed to become a Patron of the Association of British Drivers, together with Karl McCartney MP and David Morris MP, so I was glad today to speak at their 2011 AGM.

Explaining how dollar debasement drives oil prices

My presentation covered:

  • Coalition policy for the roads
  • Fuel prices: how tax and currency debasement drive pump prices, also promoting
  • Speed limits and enforcement
  • Congestion and road infrastructure
  • The politics of driving
  • My fledgling idea for a programme towards a better way – The Great British Drive.

It was all pretty well-received. My slides are available here.


  1. Re: Your Support for Road Pricing – There’s not necessarily much wrong with the principle of road pricing, but theory and practice are two different animals. We only have to look at the London C-Charge to see what can happen – the £5 charge for 10 years became £8 after 2 years, then there was the West Extension, then the £25 charge for the higher CO2 emitters – the C-Charge morphed into an ‘environmental charge.’ Accepting C-Charging/Road Pricing effectively writes politicians an blank cheque without having any real control over what is written on it in the future. Road Pricing is expensive to implement, enforce and run, not to mention civil liberties issues or mission creep.

  2. Hi Steve, I am the ABD Local Co-ordinator for Rutland, I saw your presentation at Gaydon and was very impressed to actually meet an MP with Common Sense.. something sadly lacking at Westminster!.. I do hope you can convince some of your Colleagues.. that you are right!.. Keep up the good work.. Kindest regards.. John 😉