Via Motorcycle Action Group:

EU Hands Off Biking

24th June 2012 will involve 12 major demonstrations, to coincide with the 12 EU Parliamentary Constituencies that exist in the UK. Action will take place on main routes, mostly on Motorways. Start time will be 13.00 hours. The idea is to create a spectacle and let people see us, so blocking the roads will be self-defeating. Instead we’ll leave the outside lane free, which is also important for emergency services

I’m not riding tomorrow – I haven’t time to head down to Southampton – but I support these lawful protests which have been designed to be safe and not too disruptive. Riding in 2 of 3 lanes on the motorway over a Sunday lunchtime will minimise the affect of the protest on others. Let’s hope no rider ignores the briefing which I know MAG organisers will provide.

I’m proud of Motorcycle Action Group. Their members are some of the few people who refuse to live under the tyranny of the nursery which government at all levels seems determined to offer, whoever is in power.

MAG must stay lawful, safe and considerate but their legitimate protest is an important message to our Euro MPs who will now be thinking about reelection.


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    an important message to our Euro MPs who will now be thinking about reelection

    Of course, even if all of our MEPs were united on the issue, it wouldn’t make the blindest bit of difference, since they are such a small minority in the European Parliament.

    I wish the MAG well, but the only way to get the EU’s hands of UK biking is to get the UK out of the EU.