Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, I have been concerned to ensure that we learn from the events in West London so that a similar blaze does not happen again.

I have written to Wycombe District Council and our local social housing associations to encourage them to meet with their local fire and rescue officers. From the responses that I am starting to receive from the social housing associations, I am pleased that they are working closely with the Fire Authorities about this important matter.

I have also been in touch with representatives of the local Fire Service, who provided me with a very useful briefing on the local situation and what they were doing to mitigate any local risks.

I intend to stay abreast of any developments associated with the public inquiry and any resultant lessons in relation to fire safety and fire regulations.

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  1. James Henderson

    Well done Minister. This is very good to see, although the government response was very bad we don’t want to see our diverse community in Wycombe left behind.

    Remember minister,you are a MP for all in this town and life is short, we will remember you for your legacy, so we hope that will be a positive one.