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The Prisoner and “Mindspace”

I just discovered the Cabinet Office and Institute for Government publication, MINDSPACE, Influencing behaviour through public policy (THE PRACTICAL GUIDE). It put me in mind of this: Number Two: I am definitely an optimist. That’s why it doesn’t matter “who” Number One is. It doesn’t matter which “side” runs the Village. Number Six: It’s run by one side or the other. Number Two: Oh certainly, but both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created is an international […]

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Why we need Big Brother Watch

Something posted by Big Brother Watch on DNA prompted me to glance back at Albert Speer’s Inside The Third Reich. In the conclusions to this book, the war criminal wrote, referring to his final remarks at Nuremburg: The criminal events of those years were not only an outgrowth of Hitler’s personality. The extent of the crimes was also due to the fact that Hitler was the first to be able to employ the implements of technology to multiply crime. I […]

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The Great Deception

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This post from 5 April 2009 seems appropriate to bring forward, following yesterday’s motion on EU economic governance. Today, I shall be remembering those who have fought and died for our freedom over the years. A good time to complete Booker and North’s extensive history of the European Union — “The Great Deception – Can the European Union survive?” — seemed to be these last few weeks, as I visited Portugal, France, Germany and Austria. It was an enlightening read. […]

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The view from Wycombe: Big Brother or the Big Society? – Big Brother Watch

Via The view from Wycombe: Big Brother or the Big Society? – Big Brother Watch, I respond to the recent Guerilla stickering in the town: In the last few days, we have had a round of guerrilla stickering in Wycombe. There was the sticker of the week. Then there was talk of prosecution at the Bucks Free Press. Finally, the sticker returned. Now, it is a good photograph. As a totem for the surveillance society, it is superb. Perhaps some even […]

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On trial by jury

Via The Last Ditch: Another step toward the abyss: I despair. The right to trial by jury has protected Englishmen from an over-mighty state since long before democracy was born. Combined with the Great Writ of habeas corpus, it meant you could not be detained without trial and that your trial must be by 12 independent jurors. For most of the last 400 years, those jurors were required to decide unanimously that you were guilty. If they couldn’t, you were […]

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A serious breach of etiquette

A serious breach of etiquette from The Prisoner: In your heads must still be the remnant of a brain! In your hearts must still be the desire to be a human being again! Shocking. I think I will just go and watch it to make sure. Further reading The Abolition of Man David Cameron, The Big Society

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And the stats go through the roof…

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Flatteringly, today, one or more people have arrived directly and explored well over a hundred pages in a single day. Interesting, and eery.

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Road pricing killed off by Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis – Telegraph

Plans to impose pay as you drive charges on every motorist in the country have been killed off by Lord Adonis, the new Transport Secretary. The proposals, which would have seen drivers paying up to £1.30 a mile during the rush hour, will not now be included in the next Labour manifesto. His decision represents a major volte face by the Government which had once regarded national road pricing as a flagship policy. via Road pricing killed off by Transport […]

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Britain leads world in police state survey | The Register

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Via Britain leads world in police state survey • The Register: A recent survey from internet security consultancy, Cryptohippie, suggests that the UK is setting the pace in at least one area – though being classified as the West’s most repressive regime when it comes to electronic surveillance might not be a title that this government is entirely happy to wear. This result emerges from Cryptohippie’s recently published Electronic Police State 2008 (pdf). This is the first in what are […]

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The panopticon makes progress

Via BBC NEWS | Technology | Net firms start storing user data: Details of user e-mails and net phone calls will be stored by internet service providers (ISPs) from Monday under an EU directive. Feel safer?

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