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Criticising HS2 via the FT

Via High-speed rail link must be built, economists insist – Steve Baker, MP for Wycombe, said he was unconvinced that the huge cost of the scheme was justified. “The maths doesn’t add up; this is just sinking capital into a lossmaking project. If you’re going to use the power […]

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Autumn Statement chart of the day: tax and spending

The economic facts behind the Autumn Statement, in as far as they are known or forecast, are available in the Economic and Fiscal Outlook from the Office for Budget Responsibility. Table 4.7 provides forecast current receipts. Table 4.18 provides total managed expenditure. So, here’s a chart of current receipts (i.e. tax) […]

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A critique of monetarism

At The Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard calls for a further extension to our binge: Tight fiscal policy offset by ultra-loose money is the only option for Europe, the US, and Japan. At The Cobden Centre, Professor Kevin Dowd says that Calls for further monetary expansion are cuckoo, and James Tyler, Chief […]

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Capital Gains Tax

Concerned constituents — including basic rate taxpayers, pensioners and private residential landlords — have written to me about the Government’s proposed changes to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). In this post, I will set out details of the tax, the proposal, the arguments and my position. I conclude that the way […]

Read More – Manufacturing fades under Labour

The impact of a poor understanding of the role of interest rates in coordinating the economy through time and of the capital structure of production: The importance of manufacturing to the economy declined more rapidly under Labour administrations since 1997 than it did during the Margaret Thatcher era, according to […]

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