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Embrace Default! » The Cobden Centre

Via Embrace Default! » The Cobden Centre: There is a myth circulating, and I am not sure whether it has its origin in sloppy thinking or devious manipulation. It is this: sovereign default in the euro-area is the biggest threat to the euro’s survival. Really? Why? The euro is a form of paper money, just as the dollar, the pound and the yen is paper money. Paper money is backed by – nothing. It is an irredeemable piece of paper. It […]

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Ireland’s Announcement of a Fifth Bailout Demonstrates that Bailouts Cannot Work » The Cobden Centre

Via Ireland’s Announcement of a Fifth Bailout Demonstrates that Bailouts Cannot Work » The Cobden Centre, a superb article by my colleague Gordon Kerr: During Phase 1 taxpayers were assured that economies would recover relatively swiftly and that the need for the bailout was a unique and unforeseeable banking liquidity hiccup which would be fixed by the proposed drastic action. But the bailout surgery has failed. The drain of lifeblood from economies by way of tax to fund bailouts will […]

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fairfueluk.com and the advice of a referee

I am glad to support www.fairfueluk.com in their campaign: The Fair Fuel UK campaign aims to force the Government to abandon the next increase in fuel duty planned for April – this could mean another 5 pence on a litre of fuel (which means a further 23p/gallon). We also want them to put in place a fuel price stabiliser to keep fuel costs down for the long term. I am, of course, for less government, lower taxes, more freedom and more […]

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No more ‘Doctor NO’: Austrians as policy-makers » The Cobden Centre

Via No more ‘Doctor NO’: Austrians as policy-makers » The Cobden Centre, the goal for the reform of political economy: The goal should be to progress towards a rational therapeutics based upon a detailed understanding of the physiology of the patient, not on a rehashed occultism from the mercantilist and under-consumptionist past. As a first step in this direction, it would help if we could inculcate in policy-makers a proper understanding of the pivotal role of unbacked credit expansion and monetary […]

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The BBC’s Robert Peston – Britain’s Banks: Too Big to Save?

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My Cobden Centre colleagues Toby Baxendale and Gordon Kerr appear in this documentary by Robert Peston, Britain’s Banks: Too Big to Save? It’s not bad at all but it’s vital we shift the focus from bashing bankers, which may be satisfying, but which is a sideshow compared to the flaws in the institutional design of the banking system which are the true cause of our present difficulties. Still, well worth watching.

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Quote of the day – Sean Corrigan on political economy

Truly, in political economy we do not ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ like Newton claimed to do in the hard sciences, but rather we allow each new generation of intellectual pygmies to perpetrate the same old errors over and over again. via Sampson – The Currency under the Act of 1844 » The Cobden Centre.

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The Cobden Centre Christmas reception » The Cobden Centre

TCC has had a great year and, last Thursday, we held our first Cobden Centre Christmas reception in celebration at the National Liberal Club. Read more and watch the video via The Cobden Centre Christmas reception.

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Honest Money and the Future of Banking

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As reported by The Cobden Centre, on Thursday, Jesús Huerta de Soto gave the 2010 Hayek lecture at the London School of Economics. You can find the text of his speech here and a podcast of his preview interview here. A video will follow in due course. Yesterday, I gave a talk at the Libertarian Alliance Conference 2010 entitled Honest Money and the Future of Banking. Please click the image below for the slides. Video footage of my presentation will be […]

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Cobden Centre Radio: Steve Baker MP » The Cobden Centre

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In our latest 26-minute Cobden Centre Radio show, I interview Steve Baker MP about his Austrian path into the world of politics and how he thinks we can inject financial sanity into the economically diseased global body of Keynesian orthodoxy.  Touching upon the Douglas Carswell bill, due for its second reading in November, we also discussed how the British state can be rolled back, and where he thinks the British economy is heading, and how he thinks we can turn […]

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Cobden Centre Radio: Show One, Interview with Dr Tim Evans

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The Cobden Centre Radio has launched with an interview with Dr Tim Evans: In the interview, Dr Evans discusses his personal views on how the Cobden Centre came together, its aims and purposes, where he sees its future heading, and how regular readers and listeners can help us with our funding.  Future shows will include interviews with Toby Baxendale, Steven Baker MP, plus many others, and will focus mainly on a Euro-centric or UK-centric viewpoint, as regards the free market, […]

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