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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

A group of young music artists have released a track aimed at dissuading young people in Wycombe from joining gangs. DJ LoMotes and record producer Phoenix Keyz have collaborated with Styler, Sicx, Dimples and Treasure. Already with over 14,000 views on Youtube, ‘An Eye for an Eye’ is becoming an internet hit. Filmed in Wycombe town centre and around local gang hot-spots, the track dispels the myths of glamour and respect surrounding gang-culture through frank and open lyrics targeted at […]

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What is “reasonable force” in a riot?

As Londoners take to defending their own lives, property and communities, it seems the state is failing in its first duty: to defend life, liberty and property. A good number of my constituents have written — dismayed by the shameful, reckless behaviour they have seen on TV — demanding that tougher action be taken with rioters. My understanding of the law (and I am not a lawyer) is that “A person may use such force as is reasonable in the […]

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Philip Lawrence’s widow urges reform of human rights laws after killer Learco Chindamo recalled to prison – Telegraph

David Cameron is under pressure to deliver on a promise to reform the Human Rights Act following the disclosure that the foreign-born murderer of Philip Lawrence has been arrested on suspicion of another violent attack. via Philip Lawrence’s widow urges reform of human rights laws after killer Learco Chindamo recalled to prison – Telegraph. I will be joining colleagues in calling for reform of the Human Rights Act to deliver a classical English Bill of Rights.  I have great respect […]

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Sycamore Tree | Prison Fellowship

A couple of weeks back, I visited a prison to see the Sycamore Tree Prison Fellowship in action, delivering victim awareness and restorative justice. I was able to see prisoners take clear responsibility for their actions and the hurt and harm caused to victims. It was moving to see men (in this case) whose lives have been blighted by their own crime recognise their opportunities for individual change and restoration. I understand the programme has significant benefits in reducing reoffending…

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On trial by jury

Via The Last Ditch: Another step toward the abyss: I despair. The right to trial by jury has protected Englishmen from an over-mighty state since long before democracy was born. Combined with the Great Writ of habeas corpus, it meant you could not be detained without trial and that your trial must be by 12 independent jurors. For most of the last 400 years, those jurors were required to decide unanimously that you were guilty. If they couldn’t, you were […]

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The Law in Action in Wycombe

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I spent this morning in the public gallery of one of Wycombe’s Magistrates’ courts. What I saw could have been a study for the Centre for Social Justice. What I witnessed today included the following cases (I dispense with the details for obvious reasons): Casual theft by a man with a methadone problem. Taking a vehicle without consent. Antisocial behaviour by a person with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, currently trying to turn their life around through work […]

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The Conservative Party | News | The drug and crime culture portrayed in ‘The Wire’ is in British cities too

Via The Conservative Party | News | News | The drug and crime culture portrayed in ‘The Wire’ is in British cities too: In a keynote speech on crime and broken communities today, Chris Grayling has highlighted the “decade of neglect” under Labour – a decade in which “violence in our society has become a norm and not an exception”. I was present for this excellent speech as a representative of the Centre for Social Justice. I was struck that Chris […]

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BBC NEWS | UK | First trial without jury approved

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a criminal trial can take place at Crown Court without a jury for the first time in England and Wales. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, made legal history by agreeing to allow the trial to be heard by a judge alone. It is the first time the power has been used since it came into force in 2007. … Lord Judge described trial by jury as a “hallowed principle” of British justice, […]

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Child stabbings almost double in five years – Telegraph

Via Child stabbings almost double in five years – Telegraph: Youngsters aged under 18 needing hospital treatment for wounds from a knife or sharp object have leapt up by 83 per cent since 2003, NHS figures show. There has also been a sharp rise in the number of children needing hospital treatment for any form of assault, signalling a growing trend in violence against youngsters. But via The Centre for Social Justice: We are thrashing around looking for a strategy […]

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CCF Seminar: knife and gun crime

Updated Tonight, I heard some remarkable and shocking accounts of knife and gun crime in Britain and what is to be done about it. I’ll not repeat the accounts of the crimes themselves: some are too grotesque to publish here. And that is part of the problem. Some young people in some sections of society are today so accustomed to crime and violence that it is difficult to conceive that tougher sentences will deter them. We were told that the […]

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