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The drive to resume credit expansion and recent growth in private employment

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Last night’s news coverage of the Bank of England’s prediction of no growth in 2012 was wearily predictable. There were calls for one last rate cut, more “monetary accommodation” and then turning to the Chancellor for more government spending. We can’t borrow and print our way to prosperity. That’s how we got into this mess: credit was too easy so we had a massive boom which created a poisonous illusion. The bust was inevitable. The great economist Ludwig von Mises […]

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Apprenticeships in Wycombe increase by over 50%

The latest figures for apprenticeships show an above average increase across Buckinghamshire. The average South East increase of 44% was also bettered by our neighbours in Beaconsfield (50%) and Chesham and Amersham (53%). Wycombe’s own increase of 51% should also be seen against the total number of places. We saw an increase from 420 to 640 places: over 200 more places than our neighbouring constituencies. This shows that youth employment prospects in the South East are increasing through business investing in local […]

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A speech on the monetary factors affecting jobs and growth

Yesterday, in the debate on jobs and growth, I said: We are in the midst of this jobs and growth crisis, so I feel that we should ask ourselves where jobs and growth came from, where they have gone and where they will come from in future. I went on to explain how jobs and growth were based on monetary expansion and that we need monetary reform as the basis of sustainable prosperity in future. You can read the speech […]

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A critique of monetarism

At The Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard calls for a further extension to our binge: Tight fiscal policy offset by ultra-loose money is the only option for Europe, the US, and Japan. At The Cobden Centre, Professor Kevin Dowd says that Calls for further monetary expansion are cuckoo, and James Tyler, Chief Executive of Tyler Capital, describes the article as Monetarist whitewash. Contemporary economic thinking takes too many aggregates, amongst its other faults (see for example Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles, pp […]

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Observations on a statutory instrument committee

I just completed my first act of scrutiny of legislation in committee for The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2010, which was drafted under the last government. It was an unedifying experience. Having obtained and read the instrument beforehand, I considered that: The Instrument was well-intentioned and thorough, or at least extensive, but imperfect. A page of simple law might have been more effective. Scrutinising ten pages of amendments to legislation is difficult to do without the context of […]

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