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The Government is Supporting People Back into Work

Employment rates are an important gauge of both the health of our economy and the health of our community in Wycombe. Over the summer, the BFP published an article which reported upsetting figures revealing how many people in Wycombe are seeking work, and/or require financial support from the Government, through […]

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Update From Westminster: The King’s Speech

On Tuesday, His Majesty The King delivered the first King’s Speech in over seventy years. The speech outlined this Conservative Government’s legislative agenda for this session of parliament. Instead of short-term politicking, Rishi Sunak’s Government has focused on taking long-term decisions to deliver a brighter future for Britain. From cutting […]

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The Government is Working Hard to Cut Crime

Under this Conservative Government, overall crime in the UK excluding fraud has been falling for some time. However, and understandably so, many in Wycombe and across the UK continue to have concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour. I was pleased to see that the Thames Valley Police has recruited an […]

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Party Politics and remaining in the Conservative Party

Some have suggested I leave the Conservative Party to either join another party or establish a new one.  I have no wish to do either and it is not something I am contemplating.  I am a Conservative because I believe the Conservative party, despite all our difficulties, embodies the best […]

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Future Elections and Party Organisation

I have received a wide range of correspondence, covering the full spectrum of opinion from remaining in the EU after all, whether with or without a further referendum, through accepting the Prime Minister’s deal to leaving without a Withdrawal Agreement and trading on WTO terms.  People have said I should […]

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Conservatives are committed to reducing homelessness

Labour opponents list rising homelessness in their allegations against Conservatives. The truth is that homelessness has risen in the last seven years but to nowhere near its peak under Labour. have made available an analysis here and, fact checking PMQs here, they write: Statutory homelessness is much more than 10% […]

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