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The NHS and privatisation – shocking electoral politics

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A recent campaign asked me to clarify my position on the NHS and privatisation. This is an area where the worst electoral politics are hard at work. The NHS is an emotive subject so scaremongering about privatisation is especially wrong. I have recently spoken to Wycombe 38 Degrees about this issue, on camera. In a report critical of the Government, The King’s Fund writes, “claims of mass privatisation were and are exaggerated” and “NHS providers continue to deliver the vast majority of care to NHS patients, […]

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A strong NHS – Conservatives: securing a better future

Tonight is the John Hampden Grammar School Question Time which kicks off the election campaign in Wycombe. More here. In preparation for the event, I’m publishing a series of videos which set out how Conservatives are securing a better future for our country.

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Creating an open and honest reporting culture in the NHS

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Yesterday, Jeremy Hunt gave a statement on the Government’s response to the Freedom to Speak Up Review of NHS whistle-blowing by Sir Robert Francis. You can find the summary of the Review here. The aim of the Review was “to provide advice and recommendations to ensure that NHS staff in England feel it is safe to raise concerns, confident that they will be listened to and the concerns will be acted upon.” Sir Robert concluded “that there is a culture within many […]

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Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques Debate

Yesterday, MPs debated mitochondrial replacement techniques where I made the following speech: I approach this subject with a considerable degree of humility, for two reasons. First, I will never forget meeting a family in my constituency whose child suffers from mitochondrial disease; there was both a haunting sorrow in that family and also the hope that if these regulations are passed they will be able to have a child without this problem. Secondly, I am very aware of my own […]

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Contributions in the Commons since Christmas

Via Hansard by MP, my contributions since Christmas in the Commons chamber over a range of subjects: 13 January 2015 Charter for Budget Responsibility Grammar School Funding [Westminster Hall] Topical Questions (Health – urgent care) 12 January 2015 Topical Questions (Defence – nuclear deterrent) 5 January 2015 Regionalising Police Forces Contributions in the Treasury Select Committee are available separately. On health, a helpful direction of travel is emerging which I indicated in my topical question: Steve Baker (Wycombe) (Con): As it […]

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Please register for Let’s Talk Health Bucks

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I am contacted often about local health services.  Almost everyone thinks that Wycombe Hospital should be at the centre of our local health provision and should be used to the maximum benefit. Rightly or wrongly, they have reassurance from healthcare being delivered in a hospital setting: they have an expectation their health needs can be met there.  They want an easy to understand system of receiving care, as local to home as possible. Given that the PFI at Wycombe Hospital will be […]

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Healthwatch England investigate third-party complaints

Healthwatch England recently investigated healthcare providers across England to discover if they accepted complaints raised by people wishing to report incidents of poor care relating to others. Worryingly, 46 out of the 123 trusts that responded to the Freedom of Information request responded ‘no’ when asked whether or not they formally record complaints made by third parties or so called ‘citizen whistleblowers’. In addition, when asked about policies they had in place, Healthwatch received a variety of responses including: Many stating incorrectly that […]

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It’s time to improve the health and social care complaints system – Healthwatch shows how

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Healthwatch England is the national consumer champion in health and care. They have significant statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services. These powers include the right to enter and view health providers, for which I have had the training through Healthwatch Bucks. Nationally, Healthwatch has prioritised health and social care complaints: The health and social care complaints system doesn’t work because it was never […]

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Power to the People: healthy collectivism through member-owned mutuals

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I began Conservative conference last Monday with a discussion hosted by ResPublica about empowering patients. The background was the report Power to the People – the mutual future of our National Health Service (PDF) produced for health mutual benenden. The report deals with the underlying reasons why the NHS is struggling to cope despite this Government protecting overall health spending and our Party pledging to protect it once again.  Take a look at the Budget Red Book 2014 and you will see (page 61) that the health […]

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Cancer Prevalence in the UK 2010 – 2040

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In the course of reading ResPublica’s report Power to the People: The mutual future of our National Health Service, I found this horrific chart: The section explaining “Why the NHS is on an unsustainable footing” clearly discusses pressures on the NHS from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia and depression. In addition to the pressure from these chronic conditions which individuals may suffer together, the NHS must cope with the rising cost of medication and surgery and a considerable reduction […]

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