Why I am voting Leave in the EU referencum
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Today, we will choose together what kind of government will best promote our common good for many years to come.

I believe it is time to throw off the institutions of the European Union, a centralising bureaucracy whose existence embodies the dismal fear of self-governing peoples now commonly afflicting our ruling elites.

I believe that a fundamental right of a free people is to have the dignity of choosing peacefully at the ballot box who shall govern. That government derives its just powers from the collective consent of the electors.

Our political liberty was won over centuries at great cost. It is only real when it is possible to vote out the ultimate source of legislation and institute a new government better suited to the needs and desires of the people. Within the EU, that is not possible: European Union law is supreme and UK electors cannot remove the executive branch of European government, the European Commission.

The essential issue of this referendum is whether we the people consent to this system of government. Without that consent, our membership of the European Union will be illegitimate.

If you consent to the European Union and to European citizenship, with all these things entail, if you think the project of European integration is a success and agree we should continue to support it, wherever it may go, you should vote Remain.

If like me you recognise the EU is in a state of chronic failure, to which its answer is further integration and enlargement, if you recognise that our influence is falling and will continue to fall and if you have confidence in the people of UK to govern themselves in freedom and prosperity, then you should vote Leave.

In a world of unexpected events and imperfect knowledge, human society makes progress through trial and error. We therefore need institutions of government which are agile and accountable to the public. Our parliamentary democracy has evolved over centuries to provide both. The European Union provides neither.

Let’s leave a clumsy, remote and slothful system of government which even its advocates say is failing. Let’s regain our separate and equal status among the nations of the world and take up the task of renewing our country with buoyancy and hope.

Please vote to leave the European Union TODAY.

More information: my Let’s Leave campaign.

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  1. Thank you Steve, this perfectly set out why my wife and I have decided to vote Leave today.
    After much debate we realised we simply can’t know the answers to many of the issues such as its impact on the economy or migration.
    What we can be sure of however, is the effect it will have on our democracy and the regaining of our sovereignty once more.
    We are proud to have you as our MP and of the thoughtful and principled stand you’ve taken.